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Legendary Ayrshire

Carn Publishing, 2009

Hardback 240 pp

Black and White Photographs Line Drawings and Sketches

978 0 9518128 6 0



Many of Ayrshire’s traditional tales are being forgotten in an ever-modernising world. This books takes a look back at the folklore and customs of the county, rediscovering the places and stories that were honoured in some way by the Ayrshire folk of the past.

Here can be found accounts of the places traditionally associated with early saints, and thus venerated for centuries, as well as rocks and stones that were perhaps places of pilgrimage. Ancient wells and strange caves can be found all over the county, and this volume is a comprehensive guide to them all.

There are traditional tales of ghosts and hauntings, fairies and witches, as well as the ancient festival of Beltane, still long revered even after Reformation ministers deemed it as un-Christian.

Some of the old traditions associated with birth, marriages and death, often unique to this county, are recalled, as well as other customs that took place at different times of the year.



1 Rocks and Stones

2 Caves and Grottoes

3 Wells and Water

4 Trees and Bushes

5 Beltane and Bonfires

6 Fairies and other Mystical Creatures

7 The De'il

8 Saints and Miracles

9 Witches and Warlocks

10 Curses

11 Legendary Battles

12 Ghosts

13 Other Legends

14 Old Customs