The Man Who Sold Nelson's Column is currently out of print.

The Man Who Sold Nelson's Column

And Other Scottish Frauds and Hoaxes

Birlinn 2007

Paperback 216 pp

Black and White Photographs

978 1 84158 612 0



This book is a fascinating selection of stories recounting great Scottish frauds and hoaxes. It includes the account of Arthur Furguson who sold Nelson’s Column in London, plus eighteen other hoaxters:

The Bogus Laird; Loch Ness Monster hoaxes; Burns Temple Hoax; Highland Famine Fiddle; false military hero; Prince of Poyais; The Buchanites; Forgers; German Attrocity Letters; MacNab of MacNab; Old Boy at School; Laird of Drumblair; ‘Antique’ Smith; Electric Medicine, Bogus Minister; MacPherson’s Ossian, Perfect Hosts and the Bogus Lord.

Featuring an astonishing variety of frauds spanning hundreds of years, this book offers a fascinating and entertaining insight into human nature, showing how inventive—and gullible—people can be.