Auld Inns
Reference: 9780709059875
Category: BookshopScottish
A fascinating history and guide to some of Scotland's ancient and historical inns and hotels.
Jacobite Stories
Reference: 9781903238868
Category: BookshopScottish
Stories of the Jacobite period in Scottish history, from Bobbie Dundee's Highland campaign to the aftermath of Culloden.
Scottish Covenanter Stories
Reference: 9781897784983
Category: BookshopScottish
A complete account of the Covenanting period in an easy-to-read format.
Scottish Ghosts
Reference: 9781848687226
Category: BookshopScottish
A collection of over 250 haunted places from all over Scotland.
Scottish Kirkyards
Reference: 9781848687004
Category: BookshopScottish
A new paperback edition of Scottish Kirkyards, a guide to the old churchyards of Scotland.
The Galloway Highlands
Reference: 9780956755070
Category: BookshopScottish
A comprehensive guide and history of the highest Galloway hills.
The Man Who Sold Nelson's Column
Reference: 9781841586120
Category: BookshopScottish
A collection of great Scottish fraudster, hoaxer, swindlers and others. WAS £9.99